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Programs offered or supported through Notre Dame Santiago are broad and cover undergraduate and graduate students as well as opportunities for faculty and staff. These include study abroad programs, research and internship opportunities, short-term academic stays for students, faculty and staff, sabbaticals for faculty, the ChACE program and dual-PhD programs, among others.

Undergraduate Programs

Since 1992, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile has hosted significant numbers of Notre Dame undergraduates through a robust and immersive study abroad program. Approximately 40 students take part in the program each year. Having begun as a consortium with other Midwest universities, the PUC-Notre Dame study abroad program was independently established in 2007 and has since become a model for successful language and cultural immersion experience. 

Study Abroad in Chile

Graduate Programs

Graduate student programming is focused on the engineering, science, and global affairs fields, with several dual-Ph.D. and academic exchange agreements that have already showed important results. The scope of the collaboration at the graduate level aims at an expansion that could reach other areas such as law, astrophysics, theology, the PUC college program, theater, and arts and letters, among others.

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