At Notre Dame Santiago, faculty and students are encouraged to explore everything from the mysterious origins of the universe to the transformative power of Catholicism.

In a valley nestled between mountains and coastline, Santiago sits waiting for Notre Dame explorers. Those who visit the Chilean capital will discover a wealth of unique opportunities to collaborate with partners who share Notre Dame's goals and values.

Though the Congregation of Holy Cross has been in Santiago since 1936, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the University began to develop academic and service partnerships through the Kellogg Institute for International Studies and the Center for Civil and Human Rights. Since then, Notre Dame Global has increased opportunities spanning study abroad, exemplary language immersion, internships, research opportunities, dual degrees, sabbaticals, and student and faculty exchanges.

Santiago alumni series: How an experience abroad led to unexpected opportunities for Erin Aucar

Erin Aucar '16 writes about her study abroad experience in Santiago and how it changed the path of her career.

Chilean champion for underprivileged students receives Notre Dame honorary degree

Ignacio Sánchez, a pediatrician, longtime faculty member and president of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, received an honorary degree from Notre Dame.

Host family provides “perfect introduction” to Santiago

As part of the semester abroad in Santiago, Brendan Markey is staying with a host family, which is a unique and culturally-rich feature of the program.