2016 Chile 24

Outreach & Engagement

The role of Notre Dame Santiago is to act as an embassy of Notre Dame in Chile, thus representing the mission and vision in the most faithful manner. The intellectual hub aims at expanding the partnerships between Notre Dame and Chilean institutions and organizations in order to further opportunities for students and faculty research.

Holy Cross Chile

The history of the University of Notre Dame in Chile extends back three quarters of a century when the Congregation of Holy Cross established its first educational institution in Latin America: Saint George’s College in Santiago, Chile. The Archdiocese of Santiago founded the school in 1936, and the Congregation of Holy Cross began running Saint George in 1943.

Today, with more than 3,000 students, Saint George’s is one of Chile’s mostly prestigious colegios (educating primary through secondary students), with a long and proud tradition of educating the country’s future civic, social, business, cultural, and political leaders. The congregation subsequently expanded its range of educational and pastoral apostolates in Latin America to Brazil, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru.

The 75th anniversary celebrations for Saint George’s, in November 2011, constituted a powerful example of the diverse interests, initiatives, and resources existing through the University’s relationship with Chile and highlighted opportunities upon which the University can continue to build. In addition to the presence of University leadership, the celebrations brought together thousands of Saint George alumni, many of whom are among the most powerful and respected members of Chilean society.

Multiple units at Notre Dame, including the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights, the undergraduate study abroad program, and the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) have engaged in partnerships in Chile over the past decades.

ND Alumni Club of Chile

The Notre Dame Club hosts regular meetings and coordinates game watches, videoconferences, masses, and social activities. The Club’s vision focuses on six Cs: continuing education, community service, current students, camaraderie, Catholic spirituality, and communications.

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