Estela Rojo

Program Coordinator

Estela Rojo, Coordinator of Santiago Global Center, facilitates the integration of the ND students into the Chile Program, including their family housing and immersion into Chilean culture. She also coordinates numerous cultural trips and initiatives during the semester, helps the students to integrate into their new environment, and is responsible for managing many administrative, financial and logistic aspects of the Santiago Global Center.

In 1995, Estela started as a program coordinator for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee-Notre Dame Consortium, until it ended in 2007 when she moved to her current position. From 1992-3, she worked at the Fundación de la Familia, a Foundation created during the first democratic government after Pinochet, in order to support low-income families on education and social integration.

Estela Rojo obtained her diploma of Elementary and Secondary School Teacher at the Catholic University in Santiago. She worked as a home-room teacher for 18 years at St. George’s College, a school that belongs to the Holy Cross Congregation.