Felipe Gomez

Academic Coordinator

Felipe Gómez is the academic coordinator of the University of Notre Dame Santiago Global Center since 2013. He assists students in all matters related to the selection and registration of courses, development and evaluation of service opportunities, and adaptation to the cultural differences that may arise during the students’ study abroad experience, among many other duties.

He previously (2011-2013) coordinated the international area of a law firm that handled the registration of trademarks and patents in Chile and the rest of the world, and worked (2007-2011) as a tutor for international students at CIEE (Council for International Exchange Education).

Felipe has a Bachelor´s degree in English literature and linguistics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC). His areas of expertise are Second Language Acquisition and Critical Discourse Analysis. He also holds a diploma in the Teaching of Spanish as a Second language, and works as a freelance Spanish Teacher.

He lived in Sweden for two years so, besides English, he is also fluent in Swedish.